Hive, JVC Community Rules

  1. General
    1. a. Hive Community Rules are implemented to maintain a harmonious and enjoyable living environment for every occupier. They ensure that the behavior of all occupiers and their invitees is of an acceptable standard for the well-being of others.
    2. b. Only those registered with the building management team are permitted to live in the building.
    3. c. The building is intended for those aged eighteen and above. This includes occupiers and their invitees.
  2. Obligations of Occupiers
    1. An occupier shall not use the building for any illegal or immoral act nor for any use that may harm the reputation of the building.
    2. An occupier shall comply with all applicable Laws in respect to the use and occupation of the building.
    3. Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas or balconies, smoking is not permitted within units/rooms. Any cigarette butts should be disposed of in an appropriate manner so as to avoid any fire hazards. No cigarette butts should be disposed of from balconies or roof terraces.
  3. Maximum Occupancy

    Maximum occupancy of units is as per the below, unless approved otherwise by management.

    Studio = 1 Person

    1 Bed = 2 Persons

    2 Bed = 2 Persons

    3 Bed = 3 Persons

    4 Bed = 4 Persons

  4. Contractors and Workmen
    1. No works can be completed within the units unless authorized by the building management.
    2. Only contractors and workman authorized by the building management team are permitted to work within the building.
    3. Works can only be carried out within units from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 6pm.
    4. Occupiers are not permitted to directly instruct on site staff employed by the building management, any requests for maintenance or cleaning should be directed through the building management team.
  5. Behaviour of Occupiers
    1. An occupier shall not create any noise in their unit likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of other occupiers.
    2. An occupier shall not carry out any nuisance, obnoxious or offensive activities within the building.
    3. An occupier shall not use any electronic equipment including any television or loudspeakers or other noise generating equipment that can be heard from outside their Unit at an unacceptable level. Noise generating equipment is not permitted in any common areas unless authorized by the building management.
    4. When in any common areas, an occupier shall be appropriately clothed and shall not use language or behave in a manner likely to cause offence or embarrassment to the other occupiers or Invitees in the building.
    5. No activities shall be carried out in common areas that may unreasonably interfere with other occupiers’ enjoyment of the facilities.
    6. No occupiers may solicit business from other occupiers or their invitees. Those wishing to promote businesses should approach the building management team.
  6. Treatment of Staff
    1. Occupiers and their invitees are to treat all staff members of the building in a cordial manner. Verbal and/or physical abuse will not be tolerated and will be treated as a serious violation of these rules and may be reported to the authorities.
  7. Appearance of the Building
    1. The overall appearance of the building must be maintained to a high standard to ensure a harmonious community and protect the reputation of the property.
    2. An occupier shall not hang clothes, towels, bedding, etc. on a balcony.
    3. No furniture can be kept on balconies except that which has been provided with the unit or approved by the management.
    4. No large items such as surf boards, bicycles, scooters, etc. can be stored on balconies. For storage of these items please approach the building management.
    5. No items, such as candles, shoes or any decorative items, are permitted to be kept in corridors or attached to unit front doors.
    6. No personal items are permitted to be kept in common areas such as carparks, corridors, gyms, etc. unless authorized by the building management. Doormats must be of the colour and material outlined by the building management in order to maintain the appearance of the property.
    7. Nothing is permitted to be attached or fixed to the exterior of the building or on balconies.
    8. Only blinds and curtains provided with the unit can be used in windows and balcony doors, no additional coverings are permitted unless authorized by the building management.
  8. Safety
    1. No combustible materials are permitted to be kept inside the units unless their intended purpose is for domestic use such as cooking oil.
    2. An occupier shall not have any naked flames within the unit or common areas unless approved by the building management.
    3. BBQs and shishas are not permitted to be used on balconies.
    4. No occupier may tamper with any fire life safety or security devices within the building.
    5. An occupier shall not do anything that is likely to create a hazard or danger to any others occupier or any person lawfully using the building.
    6. Occupiers shall not leave any cooking appliance unattended when in use.
    7. Occupiers agree to comply with all applicable laws relating to fire prevention.
    8. The building management or developer shall not be responsible for any injuries, damage or loss sustained by any person when using the common area facilities or within the Units.
    9. No items shall be left in any fire escapes or common staircases.
  9. Security
    1. All occupiers agree to comply with the security procedures of the building.
    2. All visitors that enter the building must register by providing a valid ID in line with the building security procedures.
    3. The service plants, filtration, telephone rooms and all such other utilities contained within the building are strictly out of bounds to unauthorized persons.
    4. All deliveries should be processed through the building’s main reception by the security or building management team.
    5. Any bulky deliveries including furniture must be delivered between the hours of 9am-6pm.
    6. Any deliveries or move ins/move outs requiring the service elevator should be booked with the building management team in advance.
    7. The registered occupier must ensure that all its invitees comply with all the requirements of these rules. Occupiers are responsible for their invitees.
  10. Use of Common Areas/Facilities
    1. The common area facilities are for the use of Occupiers. Occupiers shall limit the number of invitees (maximum numbers are outlined on the Hive app) using the facilities to ensure access for other occupiers. The building management reserves the right to assess whether the number of invitees is reasonable or not and may limit the number of invitees using the facilities. All visitors that enter the building must register by providing a valid ID in line with the building security procedures.
    2. Co-working spaces are for the use of Hive Occupants only.
    3. Occupiers wishing to hold functions or private events in any common area shall obtain prior approval from the building management through the Hive App. Reservations of common areas may involve a fee.
    4. Outside of private bookings, common area facilities are shared facilities and no occupier may seek to exclude another occupier from using them.
    5. No equipment can be removed from the common facilities. Any items removed will be charged to the applicable tenant.
    6. Any damage caused to common areas, equipment or facilities by an occupier or their invitees shall be charged to the Occupier, failure to pay for such damage will result in deductions from security deposits.
    7. Occupiers may not affix anything to any part of the common areas or facilities.
    8. No personal trainers, swimming teachers, etc. are allowed to work inside the building unless approved by the building management.
    9. Occupiers and their invitees must leave common areas in a clean and tidy manner after use. Failure to do so will result in cleaning charges being applied.
    10. Occupiers and their invitees use the common area facilities at their own risk, the building management accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained whilst using common areas facilities.
    11. When using common areas, occupiers and their invitees must follow the common area usage rules that are stated on the Hive app. Occupiers should be present with their invitees when using common spaces.
    12. The swimming pool opening hours are from 8AM to 8PM. Swimming outside of these hours is not permitted.
  11. Garbage
    1. An occupier shall not allow garbage to accumulate within their unit or leave garbage in the corridors or common areas.
    2. General waste should be disposed of in the main garbage chutes located on each floor. All general waste should be securely wrapped before being disposed of. Garbage should not be left on the floor in the garbage rooms, or in corridors.
    3. Recyclables (paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass) should be placed in the segregated bins located on each floor.
    4. No bulky waste should be placed in the chutes.
  12. Keeping of Animals
    1. No animals not considered to be a domestic household pet shall be brought into or kept within the building premises.
    2. Small & medium dogs, cats, birds, fish and small reptiles maybe kept within the building so long as they are not used for commercial purposes or breeding.
    3. Animals are not permitted to be kept in shared units or short term rentals. The building management reserves the right to determine the number of animals that can be kept in a unit.
    4. Pets shall be housed and cared for in a humane manner and in accordance with the best international practices on animal care.
    5. Pets shall be housed and cared for in a humane manner and in accordance with the best international practices on animal care.
    6. No animal shall be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise or to become a nuisance to the other occupiers.
    7. Dogs must be kept on a leash when outside of the unit.
    8. Any faeces must be removed immediately and disposed of in a correct and hygienic manner. Pet owners are responsible for any mess their pets make.
    9. All dogs and cats must be vaccinated and have the correct authority registration.
    10. All animals must be registered with the building management.
    11. No animals are allowed to use the courtyard or other common areas as a toilet.
    12. Pet food of any kind including bird seed should not be left in common areas or on balconies.
    13. Pets must not be kept on the terrace areas or balconies.
  13. Parking
    1. Occupiers should only park in their designated spaces or outside the building in master community spaces. Parking on vacant plots in the master community is not permitted.
    2. Occupiers’ invitees must park outside the building in the master community parking.
    3. Parking on pavements surrounding building is prohibited.
    4. No buggies, watercraft or trailers shall be parked in the car park unless authorized by the building management.
    5. Vehicles are not to be parked in a manner which interferes with any entrance to or exit.
    6. An occupier shall park any vehicle within the building at their own risk. The building management shall not be liable for any theft, damage or other misdemeanor caused to vehicles or contents of a vehicle.
    7. Only car washing companies permitted by the building management team can be engaged to perform car washing services.
  14. Enforcement
    1. The building management encourages all tenants to behave in a respectful way to ensure a harmonious community. Penalties are imposed if sufficient violation notices have been issued and proved unsuccessful. A list of penalties are available with the building management. Serious violations can result in the eviction of occupiers.
    2. Any unpaid penalties will be deducted from security deposits.
    3. Community rules may be updated from time to time.
  15. Covid- 19 Requirements
    1. All occupiers and their invitees must adhere to governmental regulations relating to Covid-19.
  16. Commercial Shoots
    1. Any commercial photo shoots or filming within the building or common areas must have an NOC from the building management. Fees for such services may be applicable.

For any queries, please contact the building management at [email protected].