Bass Ackermann arrived in Dubai in 2012, as a bright-eyed 20-something, ready to change the world. Ten years in the real estate game made him realize that if he was going to change anything he should start with Dubai’s rental accommodation.

His thinking was simple: where we live should enhance our lifestyle, not inhibit it. The way we live today needs to meet the aspirations of our generation which means conscious choices, flexibility, keeping it simple with the freedom to move.

Sounds obvious doesn’t it, but the best ideas usually do. Anyway, HIVE is Bass’ philosophy brought to life.

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Bass Ackermann Founder & CEO

The Founder & CEO of HIVE Coliv, Bass is a real estate entrepreneur working to build the region's first integrated coliving company specialising in the development and management of coliving communities.

Guillaume Belanger Head of Property Management

With several years of experience ranging from field operations to real estate management, Guillaume has a passion for things well done and is here to make sure we deliver the best living experience to our residents!

Malek Sader Development Manager

With an architectural background and a passion for building spaces that strengthen community and elevate human experiences, Malek is helping Hive expand its reach in the region. He is a strong believer in human-centered design and the importance of user experience in the built environment.

Hassam Rasheed Finance Manager

As Hive’s finance guru, Hassam uses his extensive experience to keep things running smoothly. A man of action, Hassam values and promotes empowerment and representation.

Zaid Shaikh Assistant Property Manager

With extensive experience in the Facilities Management industry, Zaid keeps Hive’s properties running smoothly by overseeing all the operational activities of the building and the external vendors.

Fida Faisal Creative Lead

Through authentic storytelling and purpose driven campaigns Fida is in charge of positioning HIVE’s brand across all mediums. She believes the brand to be a part of the urban culture in the region and is dedicated to fostering with it partnerships, activations and original collaterals.

Megha Sharma Head of Community

As Head of Community, Megha brings her experience to strengthen the forces of a unique residential community at HIVE. Making community the forefront of the brand, Megha strives to develop an engaging network of entrepreneurial and creative young professionals. Those who thrive on social interactions, building connections, and seeking collaborations. Moreover, curating programs and events that add value on a personal and professional level.

We want to give everyone who lives in HIVE a better way to live by being super flexible, convenient, and affordable, in a well designed social environment, that brings people together.

Bass Ackermann Founder & CEO
A.R.M. Holding

Frankly HIVE would be just another great idea waiting to happen if it wasn’t for A.R.M. Holding.
Patron of the arts and culture, a force for change and an enabler of new ventures focused on investments and collaborations with social impact, A.R.M. Holding has been instrumental in bringing HIVE to life.

We liked the HIVE concept from the get go. Uber, Spotify and Netflix changed the way we think about mobility, music and movies. HIVE is going to do the same for the way we think about apartment living.

Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi CEO of A.R.M. Holding


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JVC, Dubai,
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