HIVE started with a question. If we had to create the right environment for you to live your best life, what would it look like? This is our answer. If you’re interested we’d be delighted to show you around.



We don’t think you’ll want to leave, but if you decide to, all we need is 30 days notice. No penalties, no commitment, no lock-in.

  • 30 Day Lease Termination
    30 Day Lease Termination
  • Fixed Monthly Payments
    Fixed Monthly Payments


We take care of all the admin. You just get one, fixed, all-inclusive monthly bill. No hassle, no utility bills, no nasty surprises.

  • No Brokerage Fee
    No Brokerage Fee
  • Zero Utility Deposits
    Zero Utility Deposits
  • Monthly Online Payments
    Monthly Online Payments
  • All-inclusive Billing
    All-inclusive Billing


We offer contemporary urban design, furnished apartments and a host of great facilities.

  • Plug-and-Play<br> Furnished Apartments
    Furnished Apartments
  • Boutique Design
    Boutique Design
  • Pet Friendly
    Pet Friendly
  • Wifi, Utilities & Maintenance<br> Included
    Wifi, Utilities & Maintenance


This is not social media, this is real life. Real people, real experiences, real connections.

  • Curated Community
    Curated Community
  • Networking & Collaboration
    Networking & Collaboration
  • Regular Events & Programming
    Regular Events & Programming
  • 5-Star Amenities
    5-Star Amenities
  • Members' App
    Members' App

HIVE jvc

Finally, Accommodation that’s accommodating

HIVE JVC has been designed to disrupt the status quo, with 120 units for young professionals who want to live on their own terms.

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